Common Courtesy Etiquette

About Common Courtesy Etiquette LLC

Common Courtesy Etiquette LLC is a professional service that seeks to educate and equip all ages in the field of etiquette for everyday situations and interactions.

Alissa Regitz of CCE, licensed by the American Academy of Etiquette, brings her passion and caring personal presence to every etiquette session. Alissa’s educational field experience is diverse. She holds a degree in Family and Consumer Science education, having teaching experience in the Preschool, Middle and High School classroom.

Alissa is a wife and mother to three sons, who have taught her to appreciate the civility of contact sports. She is not about perfection, but rather about purpose and progress for showing a respectful attitude in all you say and do for yourself and others.

Children are more receptive to etiquette training when it comes from a non-parental figure.”  

-International School of Protocal